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Christ Making All Things New


A new impulse! A nobler bent! By Hannah More, from "Christianity an Internal Principle”

The Holy Spirit operates on the human character to produce a new heart and a new life. By this operation the affections and faculties of the man receive a new impulse . . .

           his dark understanding is illuminated,

           his rebellious will is subdued,

           his irregular desires are rectified;

           his judgment is informed,

           his imagination is chastised,

           his inclinations are sanctified;

           his hopes and fears are directed to their true and adequate end.


        Heaven becomes the object of his hopes, and

        eternal separation from God the object of his fears.


        His love of the world is transformed into the love of God.


        The lower faculties are pressed into the new service.


        The senses have a higher direction.


        The whole internal frame and constitution receive a nobler bent . . .

            the intents and purposes of the mind, a sublimer aim;

            his aspirations, a loftier flight;

            his vacillating desires find a fixed object;

            his vagrant purposes a settled home;

            his disappointed heart a certain refuge.


        That heart, no longer the worshiper of the world, is struggling to become its conqueror.


(Editor's Note:  Hannah Moore, according to the book Glorious Companions:  Five Centuries Of Anglican Spirituality by Richard H. Schmidt , was a socialite, friend of John Newton and William Wilberforce.  A socialite, she was the second youngest of five daughters.  Her writings came out of her desire to run schools and work among the poor.  She also wrote in support of abolition of slavery.)

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