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Church Membership


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We live in a culture that values individualism and privacy.  In the thousands of lifestyle choices that shape our daily routines, we are able to insulate ourselves from unpleasantness--and from others around us.  Yet despite this cultural environment, the call of Jesus is clear:  He prays that we may all be one, that the world might know that the Father has sent Jesus. We believe that growth and renewal takes place within the context of community, as we open up the Scriptures together, as we practice hospitality, as we assist those with material needs.  As we devote ourselves to one another with increasing vulnerability, the gospel frees us from hiding our faults.  We are freed from the tyranny of sin as the Holy Spirit applies Christ and all His benefits to our hearts and minds.

The call of Christ is to live in community with other sinners redeemed by grace; that is what membership in his church is.  If we hope to experience unity in Christ, rather than simply reflect the values of our insular culture, we must regularly participate in communities in which we meet Christ, develop friendships, exercise our spiritual gifts and reach out with the gospel.  This is as much true for our children and teens as it is for adults.  Our children's ministries, youth groupfellowship groups, and men's and women's groups are meant for this.  They are face-to-face small and medium size communities with the purpose of discovering relationships and growing in Christ by his word and through his Spirit.  They are open to members and attenders, but our hope is that as you spend time among us you will be led to make us your church home.

In becoming a member we make a conscious decision to start and deepen Christian friendships that help us work out the teaching of Scripture together and to love, pray for, and build up one another, exercise our God-given gifts, and spread the gospel to friends, neighbors, and others.  Our community groups of various kinds are gatherings of 8-15 adults (some include children) that meet at different times in homes in our neighborhoods during the week.  Many report that these groups are their front line for giving and receiving care in the church body.  Our groups are always receiving new members, so contact us today to find out which group is right for you