Knowlton PCA
Christ Making All Things New

Our Vision

The mission of God is hard to capture in catch-phrases and slogans. It encompasses the whole counsel of God to redeem his beloved world from the curse of Genesis 3 and bring it to the blessed vision of Revelation 21 – God dwelling with his people; the end of mourning, pain and death; all things created new. The phrase – Christ Making All Things New – summarizes the good news found in Colossians 1:15-20 and Revelation 21:3-5.

While the fullest extent of these blessings awaits God’s final intervention at the culmination of history, the people who love and follow him will labor for their realization in our present world. The scope is unlimited: all things. The destination is unique: reconciliation with God. And so we envision a community where all things – individual hearts, culture, families, health, the natural world, work and economics, to name just a few – reflect on earth the realities of heaven.

Therefore, we pray and labor for the reconciliation of all things, ultimately resulting in perfect newness under God’s rule among his people, relying on the power of his Spirit in this age, and Christ’s return in glory in the age to come. The end goal of reconciliation with God is the united worship of God, that all nations and all of creation might glorify God together.

We also acknowledge that as a particular community, God has knit together persons and families of particular and diverse callings and interests. Some are artists, builders, medical workers, musicians, teachers, engineers, ecologists, poets and more. Some are energized by mercy, justice, apologetics, family life or by cultural engagement.  We pray and labor for gospel reconciliation in all arenas of life, encouraging discovery and imagination among our people, animated by the good news of the kingdom of God.

The gospel (literally, the ‘good news’) is that the Son of God entered history, walked among us, suffered, died, and rose again on behalf of people who don’t deserve to be died for. God the Holy Spirit uses the preaching of this gospel to bring new life to spiritually dead people. He takes people who were previously trusting in themselves or in some man-made religion and unites them to Jesus by giving them the gift of faith – looking away from ourselves and trusting Christ to reconcile us to God and to govern our lives with His grace.

Dying on the cross, Jesus takes away your guilt, and rising again from the dead he reconciles you to God. Giving you his Spirit, Jesus is present with you, giving you the power and desire to enjoy God and love others.  In fact, Jesus is restoring all things.  He is freeing all of creation from its slavery to suffering and death.  And he graciously calls you to turn from your sins, to depend upon him alone, and—setting aside your fears and failures—to live with hope in who he is, what he has done, and what he will do! Jesus didn’t come merely to improve us. He came to make us new.

"Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ." 
(Col 1:28)

See the team that carries out our vision. Together these men and women help lead our church and facilitate the relationships and involvement for our congregation and community.